Neurofeedback in Athletics and Sports

London, 24 Oct, 2000:

The first Olympic Gold Medallist to admit using the Alphalearning Institute’s brainwave training equipment.

Richard Faulds says, “Alphalearning helped make the vital difference between the gold and silver medals at Sydney. The ability to focus, concentrate and keep cool under pressure – keys to performance.” A few weeks before Sydney, Richard Faulds had his brain trained electronically to switch instantly from excitement to concentration to relaxation. Did it work? He says, “Brainwave technology is the future for competitive sports.”

Why would a world-class athlete risk his brain to electronic equipment only a few weeks before the Olympics? Stress – the bane of precision athletics, a bad shot = stress = more bad shots. With control of the brain frequencies, the stress can be controlled and the brain reset between each shot. Whether a shotgun, rifle, golf club or tennis racquet is used, the common denominator is the ability to recover, rest and concentrate very quickly between shots.

The Brainwave I system is a combination sophisticated bio-feedback EEG to record the condition and instantaneous changes in the brain and an optical-acoustical neuron stimulator that synchronizes the firing frequency of the brain’s 300 billion neurons and simultaneously balances the left and right hemispheres.

The equipment has been used extensively for intellectual achievement and is now coming into sports and physical training on high levels.

Dominic O’Brien – world memory champion (7 times and current), “I’ve been using Brainwave I for 3 years and just keep breaking my own records”.

Jan Verfaellie – Belgium Jr. golf champion, “With Brainwave I training, I can play 20 hours of golf in 15 minutes – in my head – perfectly”.

Other applications have been in Formula I racing, David Coulthard; balloon racing, Sir Richard Branson; and jet pilots.

Henry Hopking, the Alphalearning Institute chief sports trainer, has recently also trained skeet shooter Ben Brunton, who says, “Alphalearning taught me to focus and concentrate under pressure. Without a doubt, it helped me to become the youngest ever World FITASC champion”.

Performance under pressure – the equipment developed for the high-pressure executive is now at home in the world of sports.

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