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To Alphalearning

The following text is for an article in the Belgian Golf. Please comment as you wish.

The Alphalearning system works for everything people do in life.

I am 18 years of age and my hobby is golf. Thanks to the Alphalearning system, my golf has improved fast.

Before the Alphalearning course my handicap was 14.2. Now it is 7 and still dropping after 3 months of practice with the Alphalearning Institute techniques. A golfer knows that this isn’t so bad. The Alphalearning system did not teach me a better swing, it taught me how to learn the lessons of my pro aster. It taught me how to keep myself under more control. Alphalearning taught me that the brains can only do two things at the time. Now, what happens in a golf lesson, the pro watches your swing, tells you the bad things and corrects them. There can easily be many bad things in your swing. Example – spread your legs more, not such a strong grip, move your hand more through your knees. The first days after the lesson, you might be playing better, and after that we forget the lesson and get back to the old swing. The only result you have is lost money and lost time. I think this is not the idea of a golf lesson.

What I do when I take a golf lesson is I take two important things that are wrong in my swing and program myself not to make them anymore. After that I practice my swing until I never make these mistakes again. And only then I take a new lesson.

Another positive point for golf is: How to play under your handicap with shots you normally wouldn’t be satisfied with. I have been taught how to relax myself after a bad shot or hole. Example, when this year the championship was coming up, my goal was to become a club champion. Everybody thought that I was a little bit crazy. What could I do with my 14 handicap against all the other 4 – 5 handicaps in my club. Even my Dad laughed when I told him I would become a champion. I let them laugh because I had something that they didn’t have, I was Alpha trained.

When the championship was there, I played my first 18 holes bad. I played 14 over par. I played with two good friends and we laughed and had fun, I think that this was the reason why I played bad and I know that a good golfer has to be able to keep himself in control. Well, that was exactly what I did the next 18 holes. I left saying that I would win even when I knew that I was 6 shots behind the leader. My second 18 holes were beautiful, I played 4 over par and because of the bad weather and rain and because of the bad condition of the course, the SSS became 74, so actually I played scratch. That was 11 shots under my handicap. Now comes the question, how did I do it?

Well during one week I have 5 times a day played the 18 holes of the course in my head. So I was playing 20 hours of golf in 15 minutes. I visualised that every shot was perfect, every iron on the green and every putt in the hole.

I’m certain that I won thanks to this. Thanks to this small exercise, I was so certain that I had to win!

My dad told me afterward that he never thought that I would win at the age of 17 with this little golf experience.

He also said, you better call the Alphalearning Institute to thank them.

Another improvement in golf thanks to Alphalearning is playing match play. This year I was part of a team from our club that had to play a match play against other clubs. In total I had to play 4 times, sometimes against players with more experience and players with better handicaps. And still I won all of them just because I can keep myself calm and relaxed. Before, when I had a bad hole or when I did a bad shot, there was a 90% chance that my whole score would be bad. Now that doesn’t happen anymore.

Remember the club championship. I started with a 7 on a par 4 that means 3 over 1 and I ended 18 holes after 2 over. So over 17 holes, I played one under par. I am certain that this would not have happened without Alphalearning.

A couple of days before the match play, I called the Alphalearning and asked if I could get the brainwaves of my competitor higher so that he would be less relaxed and it would be easier for me to beat him. They told me about the wheel of karma. That is something that if you do it to another, it will happen to yourself.

Example, recently I played a big tournament in the Netherlands called Tonandria. I played match play against another player. I had the feeling that he wanted me to hit the ball out. I can feel it. So I didn’t do anything about it. On the 6th hole we’re square. On the moment when he starts his downswing, a monster of a grass mower starts running on the hole next to us. He is distressed and misses his shot and even loses the hole on the match. You may think it is a coincidence, but I assure you, if you watch out for it, you’ll see it happens often.

What I also have noticed is that now I am 18 holes concentrated. Before it happened often that when I was playing under my handicap, that I messed up on a couple of holes. Now that I have found out about these advantages, I’m sure that Alphalearning system works for golf. I am certain that nobody likes waiting on each tee in a competition because they play too slow. I don’t like it either, but what I do now is I play a quick 18 holes in my head. So I become even more certain of myself. Because it is like you just played the holes a couple of minutes before, so you feel more relaxed.

There is one thing you cannot forget. I can’t promise you that you will play good every day . It happens to me also. I think it happens to everybody, even Faldo doesn’t play well every day. What I can promise you is that if you look at your average score before a Alphalearning training and look at your average after the training, you will be amazed.

Jan Verfaellie, Belgium

P.S. Sorry about the funny English, I did my best to translate from Flemish.

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