Learning to Learn Course & Equipment Pricing

Detailed Costs for Alphalearning Course & Brainwave III System

Our principal course, the “Learning to Learn Course,” is crafted to enable our clients to fully comprehend and utilise our innovative techniques alongside the Brainwave III equipment. Given the equipment’s critical role in practising and perfecting these techniques, purchasing at least one unit is mandatory when booking a course.

We propose a versatile course format to accommodate various client needs – from individuals and families to corporate groups and potential partners. Each course structure is designed with due consideration to the client’s needs and learning prerequisites.

Our Learning to Learn Course is available in four formats:

  1. Individual or Family Course:

    This five-day course accommodates up to six participants. Family groups may consist of two to four adults, with any remaining spaces available for children. We identify a group as a family when all members can conveniently access their Brainwave III Equipment following the course.

  2. Corporate Course:

    This five-day course is tailored for corporate groups with 2 to 4 participants. Much like families, we acknowledge a corporate group as one when all its members can effortlessly utilise their Brainwave III Equipment post-course.

  3. Professional Application Course:

    This variant is for professionals aiming to incorporate Alphalearning Equipment and Techniques into their professional practice. This is a five-day course designed for 1 to 4 participants, fostering the application of Alphalearning methods in a professional context.

  4. Intensive Three-Day Private Course:

    Ideal for individuals who prefer a more condensed format or have limited time availability, this course is specifically designed to accommodate a busy schedule. It unfolds over three days, with each day featuring a comprehensive ten-hour session.

For the Professional Application Course, the purchase of one complete Brainwave III system (including EEG) for each represented location is mandatory. For instance, a group of four attendants comprising two professionals working collaboratively in the UK, one in Portugal, and one in Germany, would be required to procure three Brainwave III systems for their course.

Ready to embark on your Alphalearning journey? Use our interactive calculator below to accurately determine your course price based on the number of participants and Brainwave III units needed.

Learning to Learn Course

Course pricing is structured as €7,000 for the initial participant, with an additional cost of €3,000 per each subsequent attendee, whether they’re a family member or coworker. The maximum total number of attendees for the course is six, comprising no more than four adults.
Attendees Total
Attendees Temporary Discount until 31 December 2023

Brainwave III System

Every course requires the purchase of a complete Brainwave III system. This comprises the Optical-Acoustical Neuron Synergizer (Controller along with one Optical Neuron Synergizer) priced at €5,000, and the Electroencephalograph & Neurofeedback Equipment, available at an additional €3,000. Please note, each Controller can manage up to two Optical Neuron Synergizer sets, with the option to order more units as needed. For the Professional Application Course, the purchase of one complete Brainwave III system (inclusive of EEG) for each represented location is mandatory.
Brainwave III Full System
Brainwave III Additional units
Brainwave III Temporary Discount until 31 December 2023
Grand Total (Course plus Brainwave III System selected units)€ 


  • For courses held in Braga, Portugal, Alphalearning International takes responsibility for providing the conference facilities and all necessary infrastructure for conducting the course.
  • Courses conducted outside of Braga entail additional expenses, to be borne by the client, for the instructor’s travel, accommodation, and conference facilities. Our instructors travel Business / First class and stay in five-star accommodations. The conference facility must provide a minimum of 40 m2 for 1-2 participants, 50 m2 for 3-4 participants, and 60 m2 for more. Furthermore, the facility should be equipped with a sound system, a projector with USB-in, and flip charts. The specifics of these requirements will be mutually agreed upon by the client and Alphalearning International beforehand. Please note that for courses with two or more attendees, we allocate two instructors.
  • For seamless coordination, our instructors plan their travel to arrive one day prior to the commencement of the course and to depart a day after its conclusion.


  • Booking a course requires a 30% deposit to secure your slot. The balance is due no later than 45 days prior to the commencement of the course. To secure the discounted prices, the balance is due until 31 December 2023.
  • We accommodate a variety of payment methods depending on your location. Alphalearning has bank accounts in the SEPA region of Europe, the UK, the USA, and Australia. We also accept stablecoins (USDt and USDc) and, under specific circumstances, PayPal/Credit Cards, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. The applicable payment methods will be detailed in your contract.

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