Veronica Newton Testimonial to Alphalearning

To Alphalearning,

Here is the summary of my past condition and your fantastic cure!

Several years ago, I worked in a home for people with severe behavioural problems and learning difficulties.

Whilst dealing with an incident between two clients, I was kicked on the left knee, I continued working, resting on my day off, I finally went to the doctor and the chiropractor and was advised my knee was displaced also my pelvis and back due to lifting whilst my knee was displaced. I had treatment and was advised to rest I then developed DVT in my left leg and was hospitalised. During treatment I had a severe reaction to Heparin.

For some five months I was unable to stand or walk without great difficulty. I was currently under Dr. Wallington at Bristol who diagnosed Vasculitus and Rynard Syndrome. By now my hands and arms were affected but with increasingly large doses of painkiller and anti-inflammatories I was able to get around.

I’ve tried many alternatives including strict diet; cutting out all acids, sugars, dairy products, grains and most fruit; Aromatherapy, Chakra healing, Hands on healing, Psychotherapy, Meditation, Visualisation etc., some gave brief respite but none lasted.

During a talk by the Alphalearning´s instructors I was riveted by their words “if a brain is out of balance it affects the body”. I questioned if this was so was it also in true in reverse? i.e. if my body was out of balance was it reflected in my brain? Testing on Alphalearning’s electroencephalograph showed I had a high level of internal argument. Using the Brainwave I and a visualisation technique I was led to a point of balance in my body which I had only achieved before by hours of meditating. Using this focus I have rationalised my experience in words and pictures.

Giving me that overview has enabled me to make choices. I am now moving my focus from my illness onto my life and that feels good.

Please see the Mind Map attached for explosion of creativity the next day.

With kind regards and deep thanks,

Veronica Newton, England

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