Comments from the Holland Parliament

Mrs. Monique Quint – Member of Parliament
Second Chamber of the States General
The Netherlands

To Alphalearning,

The following is my idea of an approach to the government to get interest active in learning skills.

“To go straight to the point: the knowledge and competence of the Alphalearning Institute are of considerable importance to our society and need to be widely known.

Managing one’s brain capacity effectively while studying and learning has now become available to anyone – thanks to the method developed by the Institute. The brain as the central organ of the body can be trained in order to improve its performance and capacity. Through brainwave training – for which the Institute has developed software and technical equipment – people can improve the way they function both at work and in their private lives.

During the course, the sheer extent to which this is possible became apparent to me through some examples involving adults as well as children. Learning potential and communicative skills can be influenced perceptibly with the Alphalearning method. Disorders resulting from brain damage (and also emotional blocks resulting in severe physical dysfunctions) can be visualized and checked using the Institute’s knowledge and technical equipment. This way, one is able to learn how to control physical shortcomings by training the brain and managing the brain functions involved. This vastly reduces the usual pain and suffering.

Those responsible for others are able to improve their performances through knowledge of the body and the brain as its central organ. Children whose study results fall behind, or those with a mental handicap can now – thanks to the Institute’s special knowledge – be examined and diagnosed using an entirely new method.

The Institute uses other than conventional treatments and methods of diagnosing – I witnessed some striking examples of this during the course. The fact that brainwaves can be made visible and perceptible is equally impressive. Through practice and training, the student will learn how to control these.

Assessing how this knowledge can be used with people suffering from the consequences of brain damage, or from disorders that will affect the mental abilities when getting older is long overdue. I would say that it is time for a thorough study of the matter.

The Institute’s underpinned view of the brain being able to be trained and developed like any other organ in the human body offers new perspectives to many of us, as long as one trains effectively. The implications that a new method of learning has for education and its effectiveness is immense.

Thanks to the Institute’s knowledge, students as well as teachers are now able to find out the best way to study, concentrate and gather and retain knowledge effectively. Anyone involved in education should have this knowledge at their disposal.”

Monique Quint, Member of the Second Chamber of the States General – Holland, ret

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