Mrs. P. Douglas Testimonial to Alphalearning

To Alphalearning,

Herewith the story of my experience with Alphalearning and Brainwave I on Monday. It is now 9:30pm Wednesday and I remain totally free of pain.

The dull pain where my spine is hyper-extending has now disappeared. I am stiff in the lumbar region but the muscle spasms have still not returned. I count each hour as a blessing. I have now had two full nights sleep. I have dispensed with the heavily boned corset I wear day and night and my spine is supporting itself. This is wonderful.

I have a condition called Spondylolisthesis. It is a congenital disorder but, despite a fractured spine in my teens and repeated back problems, was not diagnosed until 1992. The facets of the vertebrae at lumbar levels 4 and 5 fractured. My spine was then free to move at will wearing away the two discs. This caused constant muscle spasm and I reached the point where I could barely walk and the pain was almost unbearable. Under the care of a leading surgeon, I had major surgery, anterior and posterior, not only to fuse the vertebrae but to put a cage of titanium screws around the spine and thus stabilise it. Despite a horrific operation it was a great success and six months later I was able to get back to a normal life free from all pain and the pain killing drugs.

One year later a car crashed into the back of mine at high speed. A minor affair but the enormous shock to my spine has damaged the vertebrae at L3. The muscles immediately went into spasm sending constant pains not only up my spine but down both legs and arms. Over the following months my back began to hyper-extend and the curve above the fusion is very visible. I refuse to take any more pain killers and can’t have physio. I control the pain by ‘mind over matter’ and support my weakened spine by wearing the corset day and night. I am a physical wreck but have to keep going for the sake of four children. I am constantly tired and don’t achieve a great deal.

I would do anything to avoid further surgery and it would be impossible for me to take the six months convalescence it would need at present. I need Brainwave 1 and plenty of Delta! I feel great and have achieved more in the last two days than I have for ages.

Today I rang James’ educational psychologist. I had thought he might be skeptical but instead he was very interested and supportive.

I will contact you as soon as there are more changes, but in the meantime, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mrs. P. Douglas, England

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