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International Computers Ltd.
ICL Benelux B.V.

To Alphalearning.

Congratulations on your article for Forbes.

Please find enclosed the quote for Forbes magazine regarding Alphalearning training within ICL.

“ICL believes strongly in the development of staff.

For that purpose considerable amounts of money are spent on training and education.

In order to accelerate the learning process, the Alphalearning Institute conducted several brain training and speed reading pilot courses within our company. The entire management team, including the CEO, has been trained. So far, the result has been positive.

Not only the Alphalearning´s instructors are record holders for speed reading, they also developed a unique method for controlling brainwaves. This makes it is possible to train the brain with a view to optimal learning, acceleration of the processing of information, stress reduction, and an increase in creativity.

We plan to go ahead with this radically different way of training”.

Should you need any further assistance, please let me know.

With best regards,

Jan Willem van den Brandhof
Personnel Manager

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