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To Alphalearning,

The following quotation has been given to Forbes magazine for their upcoming article about the Alphalearning training system and our experiences here in Henkel.

I hope that it meets with your approval.

“We invited the Alphalearning Institute to give a demonstration of their method.

This was inspired by an exceptionally positive feedback from two mangers who participated in their training.

We had the impression that we were dealing with a promising method to increase the reading speed of managers considerably.

This way we could contribute to a better time management, stress reduction, and an increase in efficiency.

In view of this, we successfully organised a pilot seminar and a number of other seminars as well.

The participants were able to increase their reading speed, sometimes considerably, often by 300% or more.

And this was not a short-term success. The seminars will be continued”.

Thank you for your past assistance and we wish you well with the Forbes article.

Yours Sincerely,

Vijay Kothari – Director of training

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