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To Alphalearning,

Here is the text of my proposed letter to the interested parties to form a Dutch training system for the Alphalearning Institute.

Last year, one of my Belgian collegues invited me to a meeting of the VOV (Flemish Training Specialists’ Society) in Gent on brainwave control. That day, the Alphalearning Institute gave a flash demonstration showing how individuals could actually control their own brainwaves in order to improve the ability to study and to increase the intake of information considerably.

It was remarkable to see how a number of participants were linked up with an electroencephalograph (EEG) in order to project their brainwaves (via a PC onto a projection screen, and how quickly they learned how to use this ‘projection-feedback’ method to control the balance between the activity of their left and right cerebral hemispheres. It then appeared totally amazing to see how participants were connected not only to an EEG, but to a brain machine (audio-acoustic stimulator) as well.

During this demonstration, the brainwave frequency was reduced from the ‘watchful’ Beta level (14 Hz) to the relaxed ‘learning’ Alpha level (7Hz), and finally to the comforting, ‘creative’ Theta level (4 Hz) and the Delta ‘sleep’ level (2 Hz). The brain frequency was then increased again in order to return the subject to the Beta level. The demonstration came loaded with a myriad of recent scientific research data in the field of brain physiology, neurology and psychology. All of this was quite impressive and aroused my curiosity – especially since the Alphalearning Institute guaranteed that each participant would be able to control his or her brainwaves permanently after the five day course.

When later on I heard that the training method was also based on the insights of Tony Buzan (“Use your brain”), Edward DeBono (“Thinking Laterally”) and John Grinder (“Neurolinguistic Programming”), I got really interested. I brought along a lot of interest but also some scepticism when I came to Maastricht in order to attend the Alphalearning “Learning to Learn” course.

The course was exciting and interesting – no doubt about that. At times it was confusing and surprising, but it was always worth the effort. Now that I have attended and ‘digested’ the course, I am thoroughly convinced that anyone participating will be able to learn how to:

  • Increase his/her reading speed permanently by 300%.
  • Control and regulate his/her brainwaves.
  • Take notes faster and more effectively (mind mapping).
  • Take in information faster and more effectively.
  • Communicate more efficiently and in a more powerful way.

In short, anyone can learn how to study faster in a more flexible and less stressful way.

And that is not just the latest fad or some kind of fairy-tale told by a guru. Its approach is based on new scientific insights that have been brought into the spotlight by the world-famous scientists mentioned above. This approach can be seen as a ‘phase transition’ in the development of education and educational psychology. There is just one thing – I think that Alphalearning is still too elitist. Only the ‘happy few’ can afford to attend the sessions. This will have to change. By changing the structure of the courses and the market approach it should be possible to make the Alphalearning methods available to anyone in The Netherlands and abroad who wants to “learn how to learn”. Alphalearning must become a movement, it must become a school.

Thank you again for a wonderful week.

Yours sincerely,

Rene Broekmeulen

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