Can Dyslexia be Cured?

This excerpt comes from the article “Alphalearning Revolution”, by Jules Marshall, after three years interviewing clients at Alphalearning.

(…) As it became clearer that what had started out as simply a way of teaching executives to read faster was becoming a full-blown medical revolution, the Alphalearning had to decide what it was in business to do. “There are 200,000 people working in the dyslexia business in the USA alone,” they say. “What are they going to say when we tell them it doesn’t exist?” Having given a first account of some of his findings to a closed meeting of trance psychologists in America in 1990, they were warned that they would have to prove their claims before they made them public, “or be crucified.

Alphalearning vowed to try the system on over 500 subjects, with at least 1,000 EEG’s, before saying anything. The 500th subject was tested in the summer of 1995, just before Alphalearning “went public”.

In 1996, when Alphalearning was offering a lecture at the International Conference for EEG and Neurofeedback, conclusive proof was shown that dyslexia could be cured within 10 to 30 training hours.

Through the links below you can inform yourself and understand how and why dyslexia can be cured within five days, without any medicine, and with beneficial effects.

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