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Peak performances through Alpha brainwaves

Improved concentration and memory thanks to the application of a brainmachine

By combining a brainmachine with bio-feedback surprising results can be achieved. The Brainwave I is a device that works in conjunction with a PC. It was developed by the Alphalearning Institute which has its research office in Switzerland. The Institute organizes courses and also supplies the equipment to companies and schools. Results of this technology are a higher level of concentration, an improved IQ and better sports results. The Institute even claims a restoration of brain damage.

Learning to learn

The motto of the Alpha Learning Institute is “Learning to Learn”, an activity which they feel is largely underrated in our society. “In schools and universities we’re taking in piles and piles of information, but no-one really teaches us the best way to learn, let alone how to develop our ‘mental skills’”.

People attending the seminars of the Alphalearning Institute not only improve their memory and powers of concentration – on an average, their reading speed increases by 300% – but their mental flexibility as well. Therefore, learning to learn is not just for students – most of the attendants are from the world of business. Having their decision-makers improve their performance is worth a lot to many large companies.

Speed reading while still memorizing the subject matter is considered a plus in many types of business. In addition to that, the typical course-attendant will experience an increase of IQ of 10 to 30%, and mental stress is reduced as well.


A remarkable device, this Brainwave I. It’s the combination that does the trick – first one’s brainwaves are measured using an Electroencephalograph, and then the brain stimulation by the Brainwave I. This a more accurate approach than can be achieved by using conventional brainmachines currently on the market using a standard program.

Spectacular results have already been achieved through the use of brainmachines and/or bio-feedback (e.g. for the treatment of alcoholism, improvement of the memory, or pain relief), and thanks to just that combination of brainmachine and bio-feedback, the Brainwave I appears to accelerate the process of brain control and harmonization of the two hemispheres.

At the heart of many methods for self-improvement, meditation and controlled relaxation lies the Alpha-state. Those who use brain technology are familiar with this notion – it indicates the mental state during which the body is relaxed while the mind is still awake. When the brainwaves of a person in this meditative but mentally focused state is measured, the monitor shows the fairly slow-moving Alpha brainwaves.


This Alpha state has been associated with improved powers of concentration, learning skills and stress-resistance for quite some time now. During the sixties and seventies – the Golden Age as far as brainwave research is concerned – the advantage of generating Alpha waves on a regular basis were discovered. Getting rid of bad habits and acquiring new ones is easier during the Alpha state than it is under normal circumstances.

Apart from that, the brain recuperates faster from tiredness and damage as a result of mental stress, or the use of alcohol or drugs. It also contributes to an increased resistance and ingenuity. People who meditate regularly were able to generate these Alpha waves by themselves quite easily. This led to the conclusion that the advantages of meditation had everything to do with the Alpha state.


Apart from the Alpha state, synchronization of the brain plays a key-role. The activity in the left and the right hemisphere of the brain are seldom equal. This usually indicates that the two central components of the brain – one being the centre for language and logic, the other the centre for intuition and emotions – are not properly interconnected, when the two halves of the brain are harmonized through the proper type of stimulation, improved synchronicity will be the result, causing the brainwaves in both halves to correspond to each other. The brain will then function as a whole instead of as two separate components. This is an ideal situation leading to peak performances, even in the world of sports.

In addition to the left and right sections, one can also distinguish front and rear sections of the brain. The rear section controls the visual perception (recognition of shapes, dimensions and movement), while the front section deals with the other senses (sound, taste, etc.). these two section can be “out of synch” as well, a situation leading in this case to a disturbed sense of physical balance and physical co-ordination, which can only be corrected through the use of the right kind of optical acoustical electronic stimulation.

Miracle healing

In addition to the ‘mental body building’ for managers, the Brainwave system is also used more and more in hospitals for treating brain damage. To a certain extent, virtually everyone suffers from brain damage, which could be caused by a lack of oxygen or a blow on the head. Especially at an early age this could have severe consequences for learning and reading or keeping the body in balance. With the right stimulation – which is only possible after a careful examination of a brain scan of the individual – it is possible to cure these conditions, sometimes after just one session.

The stories told by those who participated in these training sessions could easily be taken for those told in relation to one of Jomanda’s miracle healings.

There is, however, one exception – Alphalearning’s method has got nothing to do with miracles, it has a solid foundation of scientific research.

The Alphalearning Institute calls this method a new form of brain surgery. In cases where medicines or operations were the only possible solutions, the Brainwave I can now be used. And it is a cleaner and probably healthier option, too.

The future in this field looks very promising indeed. Ideas about the use of a combination of bio-feedback and brainmachines have been around for some time, but it has now found proof in the activities of the Alphalearning Institute.

Nice to see that it is not simply the electronic device itself, but the careful implementation of it by well-trained staff that does the job. After all, the stimulation provided by the brain machine is carefully adjusted according to the subject’s brain activity. The brain machine is simply the vehicle driven by those operating it.

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