Dr. Tania and Barbara Valery Testimonials

This video gives Dr. Tania and Barbara Valery testimonials about dyslexia after attending our Learning to Learn Course. For Dr. Tania Valery, a lawyer, and her daughter, Barbara Valery, a student, only in relation to reading, an improvement of speed and comprehension in the order of 600% was achieved. With the practice of training, other skills will emerge, and the whole of what is perceived as “dyslexia” simply ceases to exist.


“Reading is the pinnacle of what humans can do. It is the most complex of human functions. “These are the words that conclude the work of neurologist Dr. Sally Shaywitz’s School of Medicine, Yale University, USA.

Due to its complexity, reading requires teamwork between the left and right cerebral hemispheres. When this delicate balance changes, reading becomes difficult, slow and pointless. Brainwave station, going to the heart of the issue of dyslexia, teaches the brain how to achieve and maintain this state of equilibrium.

Of course, dyslexia is a broader issue than a reading problem, but we proposed in Alphalearning that if we could improve the reading of a person, we could improve any aspect. And we have achieved this in 100% of courses.

Several lines of study comment that the dyslexic problem is the lack of memory in the short and long term. Certainly. If you can not assimilate the information, whether read, heard, felt or perceived, of course you can not memorize it. There is simply no information to be memorized by the brain. The field of brain waves with this problem just because a person goes to command that the brain must do: decide and be logical, learn, be creative, remember, recall or rest.

In this course, just in the aspect of reading, memorizing and understanding, Barbara went from 168wpm to 840wpm, and Tania, after the last interview, from 143wpm to 1,420wpm. The level of understanding has also increased and with the practice of this training, other skills will emerge. All this was achieved in 5 days.

It’s all a question of balance between the hemispheres and control of brain waves.

If you control your brain waves, you control your emotions. In control of your emotions you decrease stress and decreasing stress you can read and learn better.

This is the greatest discovery of all time in the history of learning since the invention of writing.

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EEGs and day-to-day activities and achievements of this course

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