Optical-Acoustical Neuron Synergizer

Brainwave III – Optical-Acoustical Neuron Synergizer

The damage done to a brain by the wrong program of flashing lights and rhythmic (or non- rhythmic sounds) can be permanent (unless diagnosed by an expert EEG analyst and rebalanced by a Brainwave Optical-Acoustical Neuron Synergizer system).

To ensure safety many factors are involved: frequency, intensity, brightness, colour, sequencing, coordination with sound and the ratio of on and off periods.

All of these and many more variables were tested extensively for 2 years (1991-93) before the lights actually worked, i.e. had a lasting and beneficial effect. This research was performed again in 2013-2014 just to confirm the first one.

And, equally as important, to be proven to be absolutely safe – even for use on infants.

The Brainwave III light and sound system is the only safe system manufactured worldwide and is the only system that does not require a “health warning”. There are no possible negative side effects.

Brainwave System - Seven Exclusive Features

(no other units on the market with these features)

Brainwave III Light and Sound features:

1. Total security
The maximum frequency is only 15 Hz (cycles/second). Epilepsy can be triggered at 30 – 40 Hz. Other light/sound equipment can be programmed to 60 – 180 Hz. (about the same as a modern disco with laser strobe lights). As human thought only requires 14 Hz maximum, the Brainwave III was designed to be totally safe. It will not create “psychedelic trips” like other systems. It will, however, train the brain for balance in alpha/theta, i.e., 3 – 10 Hz.


2. Perfect color

The color spectrum visible to the human eye ranges from +/- 400 nm – blue – through the rainbow to +/- 800 nm – red. Blue light has little or no lasting effect. Red creates a “whiplash” reverse negative effect. White light has no effect. The only color that can create a lasting effect is pure gold – the color of the center of a candle flame.

To do this requires manufacturing LEDs circuitry with gallium arsinide and platinum on a gallium-platinum backing. This is expensive and the Alphalearning’s Brainwave Optical-Neuron Synergizer is the only equipment in the world with this color frequency.


3. 32 LEDs to maximize effect with minimum power

Other systems have 2 to 8 LEDs. The difference between 8 LEDs and 16 LEDs is 64 times more effect with the same power. For example, tap the palm of your hand with the point of a pencil and then with the eraser. The smaller and more numerous the points of light, the more effective the training. To power 32 LEDs requires 10 wires and a computer type circuit board with about the same power as a PC.


4. Computer controlled accuracy

The security of the RO (read only) chip ensures that the maximum frequency cannot be exceeded and that any frequency cannot be exceeded and that any frequency selected from 1 to 14 Hz will be perfectly accurate. Frequencies can vary on other equipment due to battery drain and programming errors in manufacturing. (A recent test of a $ 300 Orion set at 1 Hz was actually flashing at 6 Hz – 6 times too fast and at 14 was flashing at 8.4 Hz – easy to get epilepsy). (If you have light/sound equipment, set it to 1 Hz and count the flashes. You should get 30 in 60 seconds – let us know the results).


5. Total eye safety
The lenses (brightness of the 16 LEDs combined) are less than a flame from a small paper match. Bright lights on other equipment will create psychedelic effects and no training. The safe Brainwave III lights do not create psychedelic effects and do enable training.


6. A precise “hertz” or cycle per second
A single cycle requires an “on” period and an “off” period. For brain training they must be equal. This is perfect in the Brainwave III system. For psychedelic and disco effects, the reverse is true. A longer flash and shorter period of dark or vice versa, i.e., “strobe” effect. This is how other equipment operates.


7. Fully adjustable for optimum comfort and efficiency
The only adjustable lights on the market. Vertical/horizontal and tilt from 0 degrees to 180 degrees for use while reading or creating.

Brainwave III - Additional features

1. Software updates via E-mail

When a new program is tested and approved, all the clients receive it through e-mail.


2. Unlimited program options

All other light/sound programs can be easily run on the system –with better accuracy and a screen display. Research options include light/sound frequencies, time in seconds and 10 frequency change methods.


3. Dedicated ROM chip to control the frequency

The absolute safety of the system is guaranteed both by the software and the read only chip(ROM) in the circuit board of the lights. What you see on the screen is what you get with the lights and the sounds. A moving arrow tells you where you are at all times during a program.

The vertical scale on the left is marked from 0 to 15Hz. This is the number of light pulses per minute. For example: with the frequency set at 1Hz for one minute the lights would flash on 30 times and have 30 equal periods of off. A total of 60 pulses in 60 seconds. Please use this test if you have L/S equipment from another supplier and send us the result. We have seen test results ranging from 1Hz to 10 Hz. This means that when that equipment is set to alpha at 7Hz one could be receiving 7 to 70Hz. All equipment tested can be set to exceed 40Hz, therefore a health warning is required. Not so with Brainwave III.

The horizontal scale is time and can be zoomed from seconds to hours for each screen display


4. Segment orientated programming

The colours of each segment signify the coordination of the lights and sounds.
Blue: All equal – light and sound at the same time in both eyes and both ears.

Red: Left-Right balance – light and sound alternating from left eye/left ear to right eye/right ear.

Green: Front-Rear balance – light and sound alternating from left eye/right eye/ to left ear/right ear.

Violet: Diagonal balance – light and sound alternating from left eye/right ear to right eye/left ear.


5. Total programmability makes possible run any imaginable sequence

The shapes in the lower left indicate the type of change desired when moving from one frequency to another. There are 10 possibilities.

One can easily, in a few minutes, duplicate any light/sound program being researched or used worldwide. This is the ultimate word processor and spreadsheet program for the brain.

Passive Screen (ready for programming)

Brainwave Lotus Software - Passive screen

Active Screen (program running)

The Light/sound controls in the white box on the right allow precise control of the brightness of the lights and the volume of the sound. The maximum for both is far below health standards. The lights are about the same brightness as a candle flame and the sound about the same as a normal voice. The Left/right balance of both the lights and sound are also variable in case it is necessary to balance a severely imbalanced brain.

Brainwave Lotus software - active screen

Program Menu
Pre set programs for standard usage are pre-programmed. Additional programs are added to the menu for each client’s specific requirements.
Free program upgrades are issued when new developments occur. For example; a few years ago a university student was using the system for reading and learning improvement when he discovered that an alternating 1 Hz wave stopped his back pain. It was tested immediately in the main office – it worked. An e-mail with the new program can now be sent to registered users.

Brainwave Lotus software - Menu screen

Sound Pattern Menu
Programmable sound controls allow for blending of up to 6 sound sources with 3 variables each. Virtually all possible meditative sounds can be duplicated. The slider controls allow control over volume steps 0-15, pitch steps 0-657 and brightness steps 0-254.

Brainwave Lotus software - Sound Pattern screen

Segment Programming Menu
Segment programming allows control over time, upper and lower frequencies, display time and 10 methods to move from the lower to higher frequencies (or vice versa).

Brainwave Lotus software - Segment screen

Specific purpose programs
Specific purpose programs are available for many common situations. The one below was written to restore normal activity to a brain where a concussion was sufficiently severe to cause a decrease in alertness. It takes the brain thru an alternating series from 10 – 14Hz and varying the sequence of light/sound. This program has also been used on a horse with a concussion. Same result as humans, all OK in a few hours.

Brainwave Lotus software - Specific Programs