Richard Hanbury Testimonial to Alphalearning

To Alphalearning,

This is a letter of thanks for all I have gained from what you have taught me and the Alphalearning system. The only fitting thanks for such invaluable help is using it, so here are a few details of what I’ve benefited.

My original aim for going to the Alphalearning Institute was the lure of “training brainwave activity”. I believed that this offered a good chance of having pain control “at the touch of a button”. When I finally had my own set of equipment up and running, I have indeed had this. Before using Lotus to combat pain I was loosing on average a total of a day and a half a week. This of course made me doubt whether I was employable, and was probably the most “disabling” of the consequences of my car crash 22.1.92 in Yemen, and the resulting paraplegia. Under normal circumstances ten minutes of delta 4-ways on the Lotus system, provides me with relief for up to six hours. This changes depending on the prevailing conditions of stress, and was less running up to the period of my exams, but it always remains of immense psychological advantage as I always have the option available.

The speed of my reading was improved by the promised 300% and this has been of great benefit. Over the last several years I have had to do most of the four years work for my degree course in Arabic. The last year, my final year, has seen me do most of that catching up, which would have been impossible had it not been for the techniques I learnt at the Institute and the rest of what you have taught me since. My final act of revision for my language exams was reading through the entire dictionary and all my notes, with my pre-course speed this would have been impossible, and this proved a very useful exercise when I finally sat my paper.

The speed of my reading and information absorption also allowed me to concentrate on my language based courses (my weak point) and leave all my social science courses (politics, history etc..) until the last few days safe in the knowledge that I could cover all the necessary ground in the time I had given myself. In terms of how fast I can think, I feel as if I have done the mental equivalent of upgrading a 386 desktop PC to a Pentium processor. I will take another IQ test to confirm what I feel has happened. With the application of Brainwave training techniques I am definitely able to problem solve more quickly, and another indication of increased speed is that my body burns sugar more quickly whilst doing mental exercises than it did before.

With the use of the EEG I have discovered that when I have pain in one side of my stomach it can knock my brain out of balance, an effect which seems to outlast the pain itself, and my daily use of the Wavemeter program deals with this as well. I have also used the Lotus when I am having difficulty getting to sleep, as has my sister, and I have found this incredibly useful.

The last and potentially most exciting use I am putting the Lotus system to, is to encourage the nerves of my spinal chord to regenerate. I had some early success in getting a couple of very small muscles working again, which surprised and delighted my neurologist. Now I am continuing to work away at the problem, which is having side benefits, like increasing my ability to visualise vividly, and a belief that when I can make the environment around my break site less hostile to nerve growth, I will make much faster progress.

Future benefits will of course all be added bonuses, but already what I have learnt so far has improved my life immeasurably. I have always believed I have a powerful brain, and also been aware of my ignorance at how to use it. Now I am learning more all the time, and the greater level of control I now have is of immense value to me; what can I say apart from Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,

Richard Hanbury, England

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