Testimonials from Athletes who are Using the Brainwave System

London, Oct 24, 2000:

The first Olympic Gold Medallist to admit using the Alphalearning Institute’s brainwave training equipment.

Richard Faulds says, “Alphalearning helped make the vital difference between the gold and silver medals at Sydney. The ability to focus, concentrate and keep cool under pressure – keys to performance.” A few weeks before Sydney, Richard Faulds had his brain trained electronically to switch instantly from excitement to concentration to relaxation. Did it work? He says, “Brainwave technology is the future for competitive sports.”

Other applications have been in Formula I racing, David Coulthard; balloon racing, Sir Richard Branson; and jet pilots.

Henry Hopking, the Alphalearning Institute chief sports trainer, has recently also trained skeet shooter Ben Brunton, who says, “Alphalearning taught me to focus and concentrate under pressure. Without a doubt, it helped me to become the youngest ever World FITASC champion.”

Jan Verfaellie
Belgium Jr. golf champion, “With Brainwave I training, I can play 20 hours of golf in 15 minutes – in my head – perfectly”.

Paul Verfaellie
Alphalearning improves my score and the best part is, it makes my golf game “enjoyable” !

Curt Selestam, Oslo, Norway
“Alpha really works for golf.
When distressed, now have the ability to calm down and relax.”

Bert Talhoo, Utrecht, Holland
“Golf swing works, Alpha gives me a relaxed awareness. – not so screaming inside.”

Cris van Aeken, London, England
“Before Alpha I couldn’t keep my left arm straight on the back swing.
– now I can’t bend it. Fantastic.”

Doug Ewing, Louvain, Belgium
“Won first prize in golf club tournament week after course using the Alpha system.
Ball in hole works!”

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