Paul Verfaellie Testimonial to Alphalearning

To Alpphalearning,

Thank you very much for the wonderful Learning to Learn course, it has improved my enjoyment of golf very much.

Golf is my relaxation. How better I can play, how better concentrated and to have more fun.

Often I mess up one hole, out of bounds, a socket, a most miserable putt and that hole, difficult to miss, and that hole is a disaster.

Result: Also the next shots are bad. It takes a couple of holes to come back.

If my accident happens in the beginning of the competition, you can guess the result, the beginning of a bad score card. Then my motivation and interest is gone. If my competition goes fine and I am playing well then the stress goes up because it means that the disaster hole still has to come, And indeed it will come.

Alphalearning didn’t change my swing. It didn’t let me hit further. It did make me think positively, ball in the hole ! Also, a bigger concentration during the whole competition was an improvement. The real positive experience is somewhere else, “the shot behind”. My disaster hole is still there, but I realise that just by closing my eyes I can see the ideal swing in front of me. The next shot is like a totally new shot with all the chances of success with a positive thought – with a positive result.

Alphalearning improves my score and the best part is, it makes my golf game “enjoyable!”

Paul Verfaellie, Belgium

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