Neurofeedback and Brainwave System Possibilities

Solution for Dyslexia

After testing the system on 500 subjects, in 1995 it was possible to declare publicly that dyslexia is a problem that has a solution. This requires 10 to 30 hours of training.
Through the links below you can inform yourself and understand how dyslexia can be cured permanently in 5 days, without drugs and with many extras benefits.

Mastering the ability to control the brain frequencies is the best mean to achieve one’s own goals in personal, family and professional life. The neurofeedback and Brainwave System possibilities listed below are just a few already well documented that Alphalearning can help with. During the course, the client learns how to apply all the techniques worked on topics such as:

Many other activities are enhanced and situations solved with the control of brain frequencies. If you did not find your goal in the list above, or are not sure if this training is right for you, please contact us to confirm if we can help you or not.

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