Jean Deschenes Testimonial to Alphalearning

Dear Friends,

A quick note to update you on our progress. But first please allow us to repeat how grateful we are for your teachings, and most of all for your precious gift of hope.

Our son Lee is now 3 1/2 years old. Differing diagnoses were issued on his condition including autism, atypical autism, PDD, ADD, and regulatory disorder, none seemingly right on the mark for our very special child. At the time you met him, when he was three, his developmental age was evaluated at 1 1/2 with no vocal communication or speech. We have been very pro-active in Lee’s care. Special school, therapies galore, auditory processing and a wonderful nurse, Lenee, whom you met during our visit. With all this help, Lee has progressed in his development and has even taken the first steps toward speech in repeating a few simple commands when prompted.

We began the computer sessions during his xmas break and he therefore got 2 weeks worth of sessions before heading back to school. We had to do the sessions while Lee was asleep as he is still resisting wearing the accessories for any reasonable length of time.

Change was immediate. Lee was calmer, appeared more focused, was easier to put to sleep, became more cooperative and was generally a happier child. Over the two week break we saw him become more interested in his vocalisation and we were able to introduce new words.

The return to school was a breakthrough. Firstly, his therapists couldn’t believe this was the same child; so much progress in so little time just did not fit into their normal frame of reference. But most important is that this rate of progress seems to have continued within their well structured environment. Lee now seems to have understood the function of language and is picking up new words on a regular basis. As for any child of his condition, these seemingly small victories are actually giant steps in his development.

A lot of work still needs to be done and we still have no real prognosis, but we are so encouraged and so excited by the initial results. Lately we tried the other programs you suggested. We haven’t noticed any significant difference but I don’t think it’s been long enough yet. Moreover, we’ve been somewhat irregular on the treatments because of flus and an extended out-of-town trip for Lee’s auditory processing therapy. We look forward to giving you more good news in the near future.

I myself am back in the grind; business here is still very difficult and demanding. I do make some time to get on the Wavemeter myself and have found it very helpful, with the results you predicted: better concentration, increased reading speed, etc.. On my latest eeg I was able to produce a sustained alpha wave. It’s most exciting.

Fondest regards,

Jean Deschenes, Quebec – Canada

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