Neurofeedback and ADHD

ADHD – Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

To learn more about this subject we would like to invite you to read a letter from a client that dealt with this situation in the past.

Dr. H. J. H. Richards – Spain

To the Alphalearning,

During a visit to my daughter in Hong Kong, I was impressed by a report in a Sunday Newspaper Magazine describing the research and results behind your Alpha Learning Institute’s success.

My wife and I joined the Alpha Learning course. We hoped to learn how we could help our two grandchildren, aged 18 and 15 years.

Child psychologists diagnosed both boys as being dyslexic. The older was less disadvantaged than the younger, who also suffered from severe A.D.D., walked with a right foot ‘toe-in’ gait and had little or no co-ordination. Though a polite and charming young man, he was prone to occasional temper tantrums, no doubt the result of frustration. As a result of a pre-natal trauma he had brain damage, for which a specialist at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, London, was monitoring him.

An orthopedic surgeon seriously considered correcting his walk with a caliper, eventually deciding against it. Medical specialists and child psychologists held out no hope for any academic success and advised my daughter he would never be capable of sitting any academic examination.

I admit we were skeptical of the seemingly miraculous claims we read about in the report. As a family we had tried everything we could think of. My son-in-law had been particularly supportive of his step-sons and had spared no expense with special boarding schools, extra lessons, tutors and so on. My wife and I joined the course prepared to give it a try, but steeling ourselves for another disappointment. In the event, it was a revelation. The personal benefit to us both was considerable. The improvement in the younger people, brought by their parents, was almost unbelievable. We determined that our grandsons must be given the chance to meet you.

Our grandchildren came with us and joined the Alphalearning course. Your charisma and fun style gripped them immediately. After only two days the younger boy walked perfectly, without even realizing it! His balance improved and his attention span was incredible. His enthusiasm was infectious. He met Sam, a delightful young lady who, with your help, had recovered from severe dyslexia. She explained to him how you had changed her whole life. He was very impressed!

At the end of the course you asked all participants to write down their comments. He was embarrassed because not even teachers who knew him well could read his writing. He wanted to dictate his remarks to his Grandmother, who gently told him he must write it himself. He was astonished and overjoyed to find he could write legibly, and that we could read it without difficulty. This may be very little too most people, but it was a colossal milestone to him.

Back to school in England, and the acid test. Was this improvement a temporary phenomenon? It was not. His work improved dramatically. When he felt his concentration going, he quickly put himself into the Alpha state and was alive and interested again within seconds. His end of term report was excellent.

He spent three weeks with us at our home in Spain. Of his own free will he worked solidly for four or five hours each day, catching up with work previously unfinished or not understood. For someone so severely disadvantaged, this improvement in concentration, ability to learn and memorize is difficult to comprehend. With his new-found confidence, much better co-ordination, his temper tantrums are a thing of the past.

A measure of the improvement can be seen in his G.C.S.E. results. For a boy who was not expected to achieve any academic success, 2 grade B, one grade C, one grade D and one grade E is highly commendable.

His parting words as he left Hong Kong to take up his place at his new Sixth Form College were “I can do it and I will do it. And it is all thanks to my family, but especially to the Alphalearning Institute who made it possible”. My wife and I say “Amen to that”.

The older boy is now at University. He, too, practices daily the simple routines you taught us. He is a happy, well-adjusted young man with great potential. He is the first to acknowledge the help he has had, and is still getting, from Alpha Learning.

Helping other people has been a bonus for us. We have had first-hand experience of how the system has cured irrational, uncontrolled temper, leading to peace and tranquillity in a home; how chronic pain has been relieved; how a young professional man has been brought back from the edge of a nervous breakdown – the list is long and grows weekly.

Having retired from a lifetime in Education, I greatly regret this research was not available when I first qualified. It would have enabled me to be much more effective in my chosen career. I would have made sure that all my teachers were qualified Alpha Learning practitioners. Personal experience has convinced me that A.D.D. and dyslexia can be overcome easily and quickly and need not be the scourge of young people in the future as they have been in the past.

Our most grateful thanks to the Alphalearning Institute in this great venture.

Yours sincerely,

(H. J. H. Richards, BA, MA (Ed), Ph.D.)

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