Evaluation Session

Introduction to the Evaluation Session

    The Evaluation Session offers a unique opportunity for potential new clients to experience firsthand the effectiveness of Alphalearning’s Brainwave III equipment and techniques. Designed as a precursor to the comprehensive Learning to Learn Course, this four-hour session serves as an initial contact point, showcasing the transformative potential of our methods.

    Originally intended to assess the suitability of candidates for our courses, the Evaluation Session has evolved into a critical tool for demonstrating the immediate benefits of our brain training techniques, based on real-time EEG readings.

What to Expect

    The Evaluation Session encompasses four central components:

  1. Beginning with a series of neurological tests and EEG readings to assess brain behavior before stimuli.
  2. Tailoring the Brainwave III with specific programs for light and sound stimuli, while continuously monitoring brain waves.
  3. Conducting post-stimuli neurological tests and EEG readings, mirroring the initial assessments.
  4. Thoroughly explaining the results, focusing on potential improvements and recommending personalized strategies for utilizing Alphalearning techniques in daily life.

Session Options

    To accommodate various client needs, we offer several options for attending the Evaluation Session:

  • Visit us in Braga, Portugal, to experience the session in our dedicated office.
  • For remote sessions, if you know someone with Brainwave III access, the session can proceed via videoconference with their assistance.
  • Contact Alphalearning to connect with a professional in your country for a remote session, facilitated by their Brainwave III equipment.
  • An anywhere-in-the-world option, covering the instructor’s travel and accommodation for an in-person session at your chosen location, with an additional fee.

Discover the Alphalearning Difference

    Whether you’re exploring Alphalearning for personal development, professional enhancement, or out of curiosity, the Evaluation Session is your gateway to understanding how our techniques and equipment can revolutionize your approach to learning and cognitive function. Experience the immediate impact of our brain training methods and take the first step towards unlocking your full potential.

    Ready to experience the power of Alphalearning? Get in touch with us to schedule your Evaluation Session and embark on a journey of cognitive enhancement.

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