Frequently Asked Questions

About the Course

Where will a course happen?

The course usually happens in Europe, North or South America at the city the client chooses. Arrangements can be made if you live in Asia or Australia. It is up to the client to choose a place that suits his or her needs and complies with the minimum requirements we need.

When will a course happen?

At the date that best fits the client’s needs. We do not mix people that does not know each other. Instead, we schedule the course as per client’s instructions.

About fees, expenses and payment

How much should I pay for the course?

The pricing page lists all the details. Besides the price of the Brainwave III, the first person pays € 6,000, and each additional attendee pays € 2,000. Each course can admit up to six people.

How much should I pay for the Brainwave System III?

The pricing page lists all the details. The Brainwave System III Optical-Acoustical Neuron Synergizer is sold for € 4,000 (one controller plus one set of lights) or € 6,000 (one controller plus two sets of lights). At least one must be ordered for each course. You can buy additional devices (up to one for each participant) before or after the course. The EEG-Neurofeedback device (Optional purchase) cost is € 3,000 for the BrainMaster Atlantis-II. All software is included.

Which means of payment will be available?

We will inform you and include the details in your contract, as it depends on which country you live in. Alphalearning has accounts in Europe (SEPA), the UK, and the USA. Credit Card and stablecoins payment may be available.