Daniella Batham Testimonial to Alphalearning

    As I try to get together my thoughts and feelings after the course in Braga, Portugal, one sentence arises in me… and that is, Thank God I have chosen to do this course and invest in myself.

    The daily practice using the Brainwave machine keeps me steady, focused and balanced. In fact, I had managed to do a head stand in my yoga practice, first time after childhood, which ended many decades ago. This is a proof that practice of brain waves works in the most balancing way and life affirming way.

    The 5 days I’ve spent in Julio’s presence were illuminating and intriguing as I was learning so much. The course was done in an impeccable way, punctually and very much focused on my needs and the reasons I’ve come to attend the course. Julio was very kind, professional, extremely knowledgeable in his area of expertise and clearly extremely devoted to helping people with various issues with brain and learning capacity. For example, I class myself a slow reader and even though the focus was not on the speed reading, what I had learned about speed reading techniques will serve me in good stead in the future studies. Julio was extremely understanding and allowing to my various “Aha!” moments, as many things connected together for me, for example, the cortisol reversal and the high Beta brain waves. Julio had identified some type of brain damage, misbalance and dis-function of my brain, which was giving me sleep problems, memory problems etc. The daily practice is required and that is what I’m following on the path of recovery.

    The interviews before the start of the course were very helpful too. I felt heard and acknowledged and had very high hopes that his course will change my life in a positive way. The invention of the Brainwave machine, the work Julio and his team have invested over the years, gives hope to all of us who wish to save 20 years in reaching deep meditative states.

    I highly recommend attending this course as one is virtually guaranteed to learn a lot, improve and implement the knowledge obtained on the Alphalearning ‘Learning to Learn’ course. My sincere best wishes to Julio and his team in all amazing future endeavours!

Daniella Batham, MA Psychotherapy (UK)

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