Mrs. Wendy Lees Testimonial to Alphalearning

To Alphalearning,

The results of the Brainwave I system have been so amazing that I am writing this letter in the hope that more families can be helped as we have.

Our second son, James, was born in Zimbabwe in April 1963. He had had, as the doctor told my husband, a very rough passage. So rough, in fact, that there was blood coming from his nose and ears and there was a dent on the side of his head. His face was swollen and bruised. He had been a face presentation and had got stuck behind my pelvis.

When I had our first son we were living in Malawi and I had an episiotomy that needed 26 stitches to help him through and he was absolutely fine. Our baby was going to be delivered by Caesarian section but, because of trouble in the country where he was born, it was too late for the gynecologist to do this by the time he got to the hospital.

My excellent American gynecologist gave me a letter so that, if his company transferred John, my husband, before my next baby came along, the specialist there could see it first. We were transferred to Zimbabwe the year before James was born and when I became pregnant I duly took the letter with me to the company doctor. He told me that as far as he was concerned he had delivered hundreds of babies without fuss and he was therefore sure that he could deliver mine. I was then 23 years old and did not argue and have regretted this ever since.

When we returned to Britain we took James to the Wolfson Centre because he was physically weak, highly sensitive and appeared a little backward mentally. We were told that the motor section of his brain had been damaged and that he was lucky not to have lost his sight owing to the damage being so near the optic nerve. One of the specialists said that one day, and he had no idea when, he felt that someone was sure to invent a machine that would be able to correct this sort of damage. What a seer!

The years went by with some difficulties, not least of all the emotional problems. James could never accept that he was handicapped and was highly embarrassed by his rather lopsided walk, his slurry speech and his lack of ability to improve his motor skills such as writing. He had spent years of being teased and spent times either going out on his own or not depending on how people were treating him. He was physically weak, so this did not help in finding any work and all he seemed capable of was either lifting or carrying and he was not up to it. In the end he was accepted at a day centre for handicapped people of most levels and, although he enjoyed some of it, he was not exactly happy. The only place where he was fully accepted was at a Baptist Church were many members became his friends and still are today. Without them his life would have been even more difficult.

One day the Chairman of our company asked me to lunch. It was a momentous meal because I met the person who inadvertently changed our lives. She was talking about the treatment her grandson was having at the Alphalearning Institute, for slight brain damage. I asked for further details and was given her son and daughter in law’s telephone number. We took James to the Institute after having had many telephone conversations and correspondence with the Alphalearning Institute before his visit.

At the Alphalearning Institute they have invented a machine called “Brainwave I” with a wavemeter program of light and sound that helps to synchronize and balance the brain.

We were told that if there were to be an improvement it would be noticeable within hours. On the first day we left the Institute in the early evening and kept looking at James. Later we went to a restaurant with some friends who had come to the Centre with us with their son Nick. Yvonne said that she thought that James’ speech was clearer. John and I thought so too and were thrilled that someone else had been the first to point it out. However we didn’t have long to wait for conclusive proof as the very next day, after additional treatments, en route home, we were at Schiphol Airport and approaching a steeply descending escalator and, in our normal way, i.e. catching hold of James to steady him, when, without a word, he got on without any help as if he had been doing it all his life. I must add that he was also carrying his suitcase. John and I nearly fell down the escalator with shock. James marched ahead of us and proceeded to climb down a very steep marble staircase, again unaided. We realized then and there that the treatments had worked. Within a week or so our own Brainwave 1 arrived at our house and together with a compatible computer was set up in James bedroom.

They told us that James had a high IQ and his brain could be restored. This is becoming more obvious as each day goes by. There is no longer repetition when he speaks and he is able to cope with problems that to others seem simple but to him were previously vast. For instance, carrying a t ray over an obstacle seemed to cause him much frustration and anxiety before whereas now he just does it.

James has just came into my office with a cold drink for me and read this over my shoulder. I asked him how he now felt and he said much more alert and less frightened about doing things on his own. He was delighted that he could get his words out quicker and he found that people understood his speech easily now and he had less cause to repeat himself.

His physical appearance has also changed. I asked the Alphalearning instructor what was going on as several people had said that James was changing in looks and looked so well. He explained that his circulation had improved and this showed up, not only in skin tone, but also took away the dark circles round his eyes.

James has always looked thin and underdeveloped in his arms and hands but now there is an enormous improvement in these as well. His toes, which were curled, are now straightening. Previously when he lifted weights of any kind his back ached for ages afterwards. This does not happen anymore and we have to keep on reminding ourselves that it was only a few weeks ago that he had his very first treatment. James has a curvature of the spine and has always had backache, but for at least 3 weeks he has not been troubled by it.

Jame’s father, John went into one of our local shops and an assistant, who has known James for years, said to John that unless she had seen it for herself she would not have believed that this change could have occurred. This invention surely must be one of the most major breakthroughs in modern times. With this we fully agree.

The telephone has just rung and it was my friend Yvonne who said that she was so thrilled by the changes in James and that his speech just gets better and better and ended with “and he looks so good too”.

James now works daily on his computer and we are sure that, given time, he will find work. In the past, before the Alphalearning Institute treatment, both John and I had this constant nagging worry about James after we had gone. This no longer worries us because now James has a future, thanks to the skills of the amazing Allphalearning team. We would not hesitate in recommending the Alphalearning Institute.

Wendy Lees, England

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