Alphalearning Brainwave III Pricing

Detailed Costs for the Brainwave III System

Eligibility to upgrade to the new Brainwave III or purchase additional parts is exclusive to those who have previously participated in an Alphalearning course.

The Brainwave III System no longer necessitates a computer to operate the lights. Discover more about this innovative version on The Alphalearning Brainwave Evolution page.

Pricing details: €3,000 for the Brainwave III Controller, €3,000 for the Optical Neuron Synergizer, and €3,000 for the Electroencephalograph & Neurofeedback Equipment. The Controller can simultaneously manage up to two sets of the Optical Neuron Synergizer and is compatible with all Alphalearning Institute’s light sets designed for the Lotus software.

To begin your order, please indicate that you have previously participated in an Alphalearning course on our contact page and send us a message.

Use the calculator below to estimate the total cost of your intended order.


Brainwave III System

Brainwave III Controller
Optical Neuron Synergizer
Electroencephalograph & Neurofeedback Equipment
Temporary Discount for new orders until 31 December 2023

Starting your order:

  • To initiate your order, confirm your past participation in an Alphalearning course on our contact page and send us your message.

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