Individual or Family Learning to Learn Course

Why Learning to Learn?

    Welcome to the heart of Alphalearning’s transformative learning experiences – the Learning to Learn Course.

    Learning is instinctive to every living being and essential to survival. If this ability is compromised for any reason (birth problems, severe physical or psychological trauma), natural growth will be unbalanced, creating seemingly unsolvable conflicts and difficulties strange to the normal behaviour of the individual.

    In the Learning to Learn Course, we teach individuals and families how to master and control their brain frequencies. Then, the learning process begins to happen in the right way, allowing the full potential of skills and knowledge areas that had not been fully developed before.

    We consider that the course starts with the first video conference, at which time the instructor gets to know you and your goals. At this point, Alphalearning starts to draw the course map that will enable you to achieve these goals in 5 days of training.

About This Course

    Tailored to empower individuals and families with groundbreaking techniques, this course leverages the state-of-the-art Brainwave III System to enhance cognitive abilities, ensuring a comprehensive mastery of learning skills.

    After the course, you will own your own Brainwave III System and will enhance your skills even more, always with the assistance of Alphalearning International.

    By the end of the fifth day, you will be able to command your brain to achieve each of the four main brain wave frequencies immediately:

  • Beta = (14 Hertz) – Decision-making, logic, and problem-solving.
  • Alpha = (7 Hertz) – Learning, reading, and listening.
  • Theta = (3 Hertz) – Memory, both memorisation and recall, creativity, and IQ growth.
  • Delta = (1 Hertz) – Deep physical relaxation, pain control, and stress release.

Who Is This Course For?

    Designed for every person who wishes to improve their brain capacities, the Individual or Family Course is ideally suited for up to six participants, making it perfect for families seeking to enhance their learning capabilities together. We accommodate family groups of two to four adults, with the option to include children in the remaining spaces. A group qualifies as a family when all members can conveniently access their Brainwave III Equipment following the course, ensuring a unified path to improved cognitive performance and learning efficiency.

Course Structure

    This five-day intensive course is structured to meet the diverse needs of our clients, from individuals to families. Each day is carefully planned to ensure participants fully engage with and benefit from our cutting-edge learning methodologies and the Brainwave III technology. During all five days, you will train with the Brainwave III System, learning how to control and balance your brain frequencies.

What You Will Learn

  • Advanced techniques for accelerated learning to boost cognitive abilities.
  • Utilisation of the Brainwave III equipment to enhance mental clarity, focus, and concentration.
  • Brainwave III hands-on operation, ensuring clients can confidently apply the technology for continuous improvement.
  • Mastering speed reading techniques to significantly boost reading speed by 300%, while simultaneously enhancing comprehension and retention.
  • Techniques for stress reduction and achieving a balanced state of mind that supports enhanced learning.
  • Exploring the science behind brain performance metrics through detailed EEG analysis and well-recognised IQ tests.
  • Methods for posture correction and physical alignment to maximise learning efficiency and brain function.
  • Development of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) skills.
  • Expertise in using visualization techniques for memory enhancement and creative thinking, supported by Theta brainwave state exercises.
  • Straight-A Study Technique, providing foundational steps into effective study habits to ensure long-term retention and deep understanding.
  • Accelerated Language Acquisition through brainwave optimization, rapidly improving language skills.
  • Exercises and practices for achieving and maintaining the Alpha state, optimal for learning.
  • Application of alpha and theta brainwave states for enhancing creative problem-solving and innovative thinking.

Additional Benefits of the Course

    Beyond being able to command your brain to achieve each of the four main brain wave frequencies immediately, you will achieve:

  • Strengthened family bonds through shared learning experiences.
  • Enhanced cognitive abilities for both adults and children, with IQ increase.
  • A solid foundation for lifelong learning and personal development.
  • Access to exclusive Alphalearning technology and techniques.
  • Greater decision-making capabilities.
  • Control of altered states of consciousness.
  • Improvement in concentration and focus.
  • Drastic stress reduction.
  • Mental and physical balance and control.
  • Pain control.
  • Dyslexia cure (for dyslexics).
  • Posture improvement.

How to Enrol

  Embark on your transformative learning journey with the Alphalearning Learning to Learn Course. We invite you to book your Personalised Consultation today. Our expert team will customize your learning experience to align with your or your family’s unique aspirations and objectives. Reserve your consultation here.

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