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Raychem GmbH – Germany

To Alphalearning.

As requested, here is the quotation from Raychem for the article to be in Forbes magazine. Please let me know if you need further material.

“Seven executive staff members of the Raychem company attended a seminar entitled “Learn How to Learn” by the Alphalearning Institute.

One part of the seminar concerned “speed reading”, an important asset in increasing productivity on a management level – the flood of printed information is hard to get the better of, to be sure. The success that has been achieved with these exercises is very impressive indeed: on an average, the reading speeds of the participants tripled. By using the same techniques, they could even increase their reading speeds further after the course had finished.

Also impressive is the simplicity that characterizes both the exercises and the resources. Important for speed reading are: correct sitting position, correct breathing, the use of a felt pen as a pointer (while reading), as well as making a clear distinction between taking in information and processing it. Concentration exercises and training of the eye muscles were other important preliminaries to this exercise. Raychem began the seminar as an experiment. After their experiences it became a very positive experiment.”

Best regards,

Thomas Jahn – CEO
Raychem Germany

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