Alphalearning International History

Historical articles and citations in the International Press

  • Alphalearning Revolution, by Jules Marshall. Text written after three years of interviews with executives, scientists and families who participated in the course.
  • Alphalearning Revolution II, by Jules Marshall. Second edition of the text after 10 years of research and interviews.
  • Synapsia – “… Neurosurgery with light and sound waves is now a reality.”
  • Forbes – “Reading without being able to remember what one has read is useless, so when it comes to speed-reading, memory is the decisive factor.”
  • Ego 2000 – “Results of this technology are a higher level of concentration, an improved IQ and better sports results.”
  • How to pass exams, by Dominic O’Brien – “I believe their (this) work to be a major breakthrough in the evolution of human intelligence.”
  • World Press Quotes – complete list

Comments from participants of the Learning to Learn Course

From Alphalearning Institute to Alphalearning International

The Alphalearning International is the result of decades of research and practice in brain training. From this research, it was developed the concept of brain frequencies control for a wide range of uses, such as enhancement of learning and curing of disorders such as ADHD and Dyslexia. We updated the original technology by adopting new electroencephalograph and neurofeedback software and equipment, and upgrading the manufacturing of Optical-Acoustical Neuron Synergizer, resulting in Brainwave System III.

The Learning to Learn Course was originally created for a specific cultural group (European entrepreneurs of the 90s) and so it was extremely selective in its approach and had a very limited target audience. Aware of how much the world has changed and technology evolved over the past two decades, the course needed to change. A new international and intercultural vision enabled this development, leading to the birth of Alphalearning International.

This modernization is still ongoing and will be constant as we are alert to the development of new technologies and the richness of new situations that our clients bring to each course. Both in technology and in the techniques of personal communication, we will always be allied with major companies and researchers to ensure the success of each course.

Alphalearning Instructors

Alphalearning International’s instructors graduated from the Alphalearning Institute in Scotland in 2010, undergoing intensive training in the following years. They began collecting data on the implementation of the control of brain frequencies in several areas, conducted their own studies, research, and developed a specific system for musical performance. At the same time, gave many training courses, evaluation sessions, and personalized guidance.

Members of associations of high IQ of international prestige as Mensa, Triple Nine, Prometheus, and Olympiq Societies, Alphalearning International’s instructors are able to combine extreme objectivity with the necessary intuition to guide the clients in the development of the necessary skills to achieve their goals. Skills as diverse as high academic and artistic performance, meditation techniques, mastering of altered states of consciousness, strategy and automated systems for investments in international financial markets, and interpersonal relationships (inside and outside the business environment) are just a few among those mastered by Alphalearning International’s instructors, and that may be offered to our clients.

Coupled with extensive training and experience in the brain/neurofeedback training area and the various skills developed by the instructors, both essential to the Alphalearning International’s approach, you will have people with a wide and rich cultural experience. This experience was achieved through direct contact with countries and cultures of the East like China, Japan, India, Nepal, Thailand, and Cambodia, the Muslim world like Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, and Malaysia, and much of Europe, the United States, and South America. Alphalearning International gives the customer the certainty of being in the hands of fully qualified, dedicated instructors, able to realize the momentum and adapt themselves to offer a professional and custom-shaped course.

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