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Alphalearning International combines the cutting-edge technology of Neurofeedback with Brain Training, offering clients a distinctive methodology and the revolutionary Brainwave III system.

Neurofeedback trains individuals to regulate their brain frequencies. The Brainwave III includes an electroencephalogram (EEG) for immediate feedback and specialised software designed for comprehensive neurofeedback training and analysis.

Brain Training empowers individuals to directly influence brain frequencies. The Brainwave III is equipped with the Optical-Acoustical Neuron Synergizer module, enabling this direct engagement.

We enrich these technologies with in-depth research tailored to each client, a screening process to identify the most receptive learners, and Alphalearning’s unwavering commitment to excellence in every course.

Explore our website to discover the breadth of possibilities our system offers. A great starting point is our “Goals” page, showcasing some of the transformative outcomes of our system. Our customer testimonials page is also popular among new visitors. Further information about our Learning to Learn Course, the Brainwave III, and how we can cater to your specific needs is available. For more inquiries, visit our FAQ page or contact us to arrange an introductory consultation.

“Had the course concluded today, it would already have justified my entire investment!”
(Commented on the morning of the course’s second day)
Objective: Reconstructing neural networks and enhancing physical control

Explore the transformative Alphalearning journey where individuals break free from the constraints of dyslexia to achieve remarkable reading speeds and enhanced comprehension. Through personalized attention and innovative techniques, our clients share their inspiring stories of personal evolution, from navigating years of educational challenges to unlocking their true potential in reading and beyond. This video is a testament to the boundless possibilities that await with Alphalearning’s approach. We invite you to follow the day-to-day of this course and learn how Alphalearning’s techniques solve dyslexia.

Alphalearning pioneers a unique Brainwave technology, offering hope and transformative outcomes for those on the autistic spectrum. Our Brainwave III system utilises advanced neurofeedback techniques to enhance cognitive abilities, reduce ASD symptoms, and improve quality of life. By directly engaging with and training brain frequencies, individuals experience significant improvements in communication, behaviour, and learning capabilities. Read about some of the cases that have gone through Alphalearning and the scientific bases that support our approach to Neurofeedback and Brain Training for the Autistic spectrum.

Explore the Alphalearning Institute’s study on Etherium Gold, showcasing its impact on cognitive enhancement and brain harmony. This research illuminates how Etherium Gold aids in achieving an optimal balance between the brain’s hemispheres, leading to improved concentration, memory, and stress alleviation. Dive into the findings to understand the potential of natural elements in enhancing brain function and advancing learning capabilities.

Find out what are Neurofeedback and Brain Training and why this technique provides so many benefits in the areas where the bioelectric field of the brain is concerned.

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