Welcome to Alphalearning International

The Alphalearning International unites the technology of Neurofeedback with Brain Training, providing its clients with a unique approach and equipment, the Brainwave III.

Neurofeedback develops the skills to control your brain frequencies. The Brainwave III has an electroencephalogram (EEG) that provides real-time readings and a specific software for neurofeedback training and analysis.

Brain Training is the ability to deploy frequencies directly into the brain. The Brainwave III features an Optical Neuron Synergizer module that does just that.

To the union of these two technologies, we combine a profound research for each customer, a screening system to eliminate non-learners and the exclusive dedication of Alphalearning for each Course.

Feel free to experience our website. An excellent place to start is our “Goals” page, with some of our system’s possibilities. A customer testimonial page is also one of the most visited by the first visitors. You can also research more about our Learning to Learn Course, about Brainwave III, and if we could serve your case. You can find more answers on our FAQ page or contact us to schedule your interview.

“If the course has ended now, it would have been worth all my investment!”
(Said in the morning of the Course’s 2nd day)
goal: reconstruction of neural network and physical control

“Thank God I have chosen to do this course and invest in myself.”
Daniella Batham

“In a few minutes I was able to read more than I would in a month, understanding absolutely everything … I can tell the story!”

Dr. Tania and Barbara Valery

“There is no doubt that this was the best course of my life … and even better, the most effective!”

“All we’re seeing here make my previous courses in biofeedback seem like toys …”

“I came to get a balance and took the formula to a new life …”

“All the goals of the course were achieved with discipline, friendliness, smoothness and firmness.”

Dyslexia Solved - Tania and Barbara Valery

Dyslexia, speed reading, and comprehension

The day-to-day of a course dealing with Dyslexia. Commented EEGs, interview with the clients, and the result: an increased reading speed with greater understanding and recall of the material read.

Autism EEG Neurofeedback

Autism, functional improvement and Neurofeedback

Read about some of the cases that have gone through the Alphalearning and the scientific bases that support our approach of Neurofeedback and Brain Training for the Autistic spectrum.

Neurofeedback and Brain Training

Neurofeedback and Brain Training

Find out what are Neurofeedback and Brain Training and why this technique provides so many benefits in the areas where the bioelectric field of the brain is concerned.