Alphalearning Evaluation Session Pricing

Evaluation Session – € 1,500

The Evaluation Session lasts approximately four hours and is a compact version of our Learning to Learn Course’s first day. It comprises four central components:

  1. Beginning with a series of neurological tests and EEG (electroencephalogram) readings to assess brain behaviour before the stimuli.
  2. Following the initial readings, we tailor the Brainwave III with specific programs to deliver light and sound stimuli, while continuously recording brain waves with the EEG equipment.
  3. Post-stimuli, the same neurological tests and EEG readings are conducted as in the beginning.
  4. The results of the tests and the EEG are then thoroughly explained, focusing on potential solutions to the client’s issues or goals and how to achieve them using Alphalearning’s techniques and Brainwave III training.

The Evaluation Session options, depending on the use of the Brainwave III equipment, are:

  • The client travels to Braga (Portugal), where Alphalearning offers its office for the Evaluation Session.
  • If the client knows someone with access to the Brainwave III, the session can be conducted remotely via videoconference with the third party’s active participation.
  • Clients can contact Alphalearning to find a professional using Brainwave technology in their country. The session can then be carried out remotely via videoconference, with active participation from the professional.
  • An anywhere-in-the-world option is available, where the client covers the instructor’s travel and accommodation expenses, provides a location for the Evaluation Session, and incurs an additional fee of € 1,500 for each day the instructor is away from their office.

If you are still unsure how Alphalearning can assist you, submit your questions here.


  • Booking an Evaluation Session requires a 30% deposit to secure your slot. The balance is due no later than 45 days prior to the commencement of your Session.
  • We accommodate a variety of payment methods depending on your location. Alphalearning has bank accounts in the SEPA region of Europe, the UK, the USA, and Australia. We also accept stablecoins (USDt and USDc) and, under specific circumstances, PayPal/Credit Cards, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. The applicable payment methods will be detailed in your contract.

Contact us to schedule a video call interview and begin your candidacy process.

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