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To Alphalearning Institute

The article following is to be published in Dutch insurance and financial magazines. Please let me have your comments and approval.


The following article has been contributed by Mike Potter, CEO of Lagerweij & Potter.


Mike Potter has been active in the world of insurance’s and financial services for 25 years. He has been the director of a consultancy for financial services in Holland for 15 years now. He belongs to a select group of insurance brokers and is a member of the NVA (organisation for insurance brokers). He has issued several publications on financial services for consumers.

New Insights

At first you’re just talking without really reaching the other – you’re not on the same wave length…And then, all of a sudden the coin drops – you simply understand each other…Who hasn’t experienced this? But why is it that sometimes there’s no understanding between people communicating, and sometimes there is? During one of the courses of the Alphalearning Institute I learned the basics of communication, I also learned how to control the process of communicating.

For example – situations such as:

I just couldn’t get through to him – he was a tough negotiator. “No. I did not do it!” or worse: ‘No. This relationship is over!”

Just a few examples of how much human energy and money is wasted on misunderstanding. It causes stress and makes people unhappy.

It was stress that led to my first contact with the Alphalearning Institute. A friend in the medical sector considered it the last resort for me, so I went to Alphalearning Institute thinking, ‘Well, I might as well give it a try…’

According to the theories of the Alphalearning Institute, the brain uses different frequencies for different activities. Basically these activities are: debating (i.e. exchanging information) learning (storing information), remembering (retrieving information) and resting. Thanks to modern EEG scanning and computer technology it is now possible to learn to control those brain frequencies.

When we’re debating or presenting, our brain uses a frequency of 14 Hz (beta wave). Learning requires a frequency of 7 Hz (alpha wave), and remembering 3 Hz (theta wave). Frequencies above 20 Hz indicate hysteria or physical movement. Research has shown that most people can only handle one of these activities at the same time. Debating does not mix with storing information, hysteria does not mix with debating, so there’s no way of learning when one is hysterical, let alone rest.

During the Alphalearning Institute course one learns how to control one’s brain frequencies, and how to ‘tune in’ to the right frequency required for performing a certain task. This way, one is using the appropriate tool for performing a certain task (you can’t play golf with a hockey stick, can you?).

Practical applications? What it boils down to is what one can actually do with ‘brain control’. Just knowing how it’s done already provides a lot of insight into one’s own way of communicating.

However, what I personally appreciated most about it was what I would call the ‘reset function’. Nowadays, as soon as I find myself running after my own tail again – one could also call this stress – I stop this process going any further by using the alpha technique. It’s a great thing for me, and it does wonders for the people around me, too!

I also see commercial applications for it. People can only communicate with each other when they’re on each other’s wave lengths – we now know that it’s literally like that. Not only does the alpha technique enable us to set our own wave length – it also enables us to control the other person’s wave length. This may sound eerie, but it has quite simply to do with the fact that people within a certain range of each other respond to each other.

In my company, we found that this technique improved the communication between both the staff members and between them and the clients enormously.

Communication and understanding means agreement, and agreement is business! We simply do a lot more business, and that’s what it’s all about!

Another great thing about this course is that – besides literally making one use one’s brain – the reading speed triples (do you also hate having to read all those professional books and magazines?)

The motto of the Alphalearning Institute is ‘learning to learn’, and I have to admit that the tools provided during the course do make taking new steps a lot easier.

It’s remarkable how successful the course has been with university and high school students. HAVO students suddenly became VWO (pre-academic level, tr.) students; IQ. improvements by 10 to 30% have been documented.

Learning is something one has to learn, but using the Alpha system will make learning faster and simpler.