A Preliminary Inquiry into the Biological and Neurophysiological Effects of Etherium Gold


A biofeedback and neurofeedback inquiry into the biological and neurophysiological effects of taking Etherium Gold powder sublingually; a naturally occurring trace mineral deposit distributed by Harmonic Innerprizes, P.O. Box 530455, Henderson, NV 89053.


This initial study used ten people, five male and five female, ranging in age from 17 to 52. They have no known physical, emotional or mental problems at present. All were given a basic understanding of the testing procedure and of the nature of Etherium Gold. No expected results were discussed with the subjects, nor did the experimenter make any guesses about outcomes or explain the objectives until the procedure was complete.


A J&J I-410 biofeedback unit with a software program designed by Physiodata Corporation was utilized to record and complete data. This allowed the experimenter to monitor the brainwave patterns, the heart rate, the blood volume pressure, skin conductance (GSR) and surface skin temperature constantly for the entire experimental session. The subjects were seated comfortably in a typical recliner such that physical tiredness or discomfort should not be an issue during the duration of the process. Fresh electrodes and paste were used with each subject. A fresh bottle of Etherium Gold was supplied by Etherium Technology to administer.


Data were gathered on each subject during two separate sessions. The first session was utilized to develop baseline data. Each subject in turn was hooked up to the biofeedback and neurofeedback equipment. Data were recorded related to their predominant brainwave patterns, heart rate, GSR and skin temperature. GSR measures the change in electrical potential of the skin. Greater moisture production (a sign of increased emotional activation) is demonstrated by an increase in electrical potential. These are shown on graphs on the computer screen. Steps were taken to ascertain that this was a typical reading in that they had no out of the ordinary influences on their mental, emotional or physical states.

The second session was held one week after the first base lines were recorded. Subjects were hooked up under the same circumstances and new base lines recorded which were then compared to the original of the first session.

In all ten cases, the second base line corresponded almost exactly with the earlier reading. With the client still hooked up to the monitor, and with data being continuously recorded, app. 1/8 teaspoon of Etherium Gold was administered sublingually. Biofeedback and neurofeedback data continued to be recorded for another 15 minutes. The software allows an examination of the data gathered over a period of time in summary tables. The data gathered were studied to determine what changes, if any, occurred, both biologically and neurologically, comparing pre- and post- administration of the Etherium Gold.


In five out of ten cases, the biological signals were different before and after administration of Etherium Gold. In nine out of ten cases, the brainwave patterns were found to be significantly different after administration of the Etherium Gold. In almost all cases, this difference occurred between 30 seconds and 3 minutes after administration and continued to be evident for the rest of the recording session, which was between 10 and 15 minutes.

In the five cases with changes in biological signals:

  • Two subjects had dramatic fluctuations ofGSR measurements. In both cases, the GSR signals were much smoother after administration.
  • Two subjects showed an increase in temperature, as measured in the fingertip, of an average of 4 degrees.
  • One subject, whose base line measurements indicated a heart rate pattern that was elevated based on their age and weight, dropped into a normal range.

Neurological changes were distinctly different in each case but with common themes. Subjects fell into three basic categories of predominant brainwave activity, according to base line measurements:

  • High theta – low beta
  • High beta – low theta
  • Balanced between theta and beta

In these three categories:

  • Four subjects with high theta-low beta activity tended to be balanced out after administration, with theta dropping and beta rising. Alpha activity showed an increase.
  • One subject with high theta-low beta showed no change.
  • Two subjects with high beta-low theta tended to be balanced out after administration, with beta dropping and theta rising. Alpha activity showed an increase.
  • Three subjects with balanced beta-theta were found to have increased alpha activity.

In the nine cases where change was recorded, there was a strong tendency to show more strength across all frequency bands.


This has been an introductory examination of the impact of Etherium Gold on the biological and neurological states of humans. The results indicate that there is a clear need for research in this area because an impact is definitely occurring. The impact seems to be less obvious in the biological measurements than in the neurological, at least in the subjects examined. Taken as a whole, they seem to indicate that individuals become more balanced and calm after administration of Etherium Gold. The changes in GSR indicate a decrease in emotional reactivity. The increased finger temperature is an indicator of increased peripheral circulation which indicates greater relaxation.

The most obvious and consistent results occurred in the EEG measurements:

  • Brainwave frequencies tended to balance out.
  • All frequency bands showed greater activation.

We could casually say that people with high theta activity (as compared to beta) are considered to be “right brained,” (creative, meditative, artistic, spatially oriented). People with high beta activity (as compared to theta) are considered to be “left brained,” (logical, mathematically inclined, linearly oriented). Etherium Gold appears to balance the differences in the strength of these frequency ranges. Therefore, we could say that Etherium Gold tends toward helping people become more “whole brained.”

It would take other, more in-depth, studies to determine the consistency of these results as well as how long the effects last, and if there is some kind of cumulative effects of repeated administration. A surprising, but clearly dominant, effect of taking the Etherium Gold was the increase in relative “neurological energy” across all frequency bands. Apparently, the Etherium Gold somehow has the effect of energizing or opening up neuronal passageways. This preliminary study was clear evidence that there is a positive neurological impact, at least temporarily, through the administration of Etherium Gold. The indication is that it somehow provides an environment whereby the brain moves toward a state of homeostasis. Past neurological studies have indicated that when, through some method such as brainwave training, the brain releases control of its patterning, it tends toward a balanced state. This study indicates that Etherium Gold may help provide this environment. Whether or not the effects of the Etherium Gold upon the neuro processing were consistent over time, it provided an opportunity for the brain to “understand” how the state of balance “felt.”

In the opinion of this researcher, the results clearly indicate that the intake of Etherium Gold creates a positive neurological and probably physiological response. Certainly, more research is in order, especially along the lines of how much change is maintained over time.

Robert E. Dallas, Ph.D.
Clinical Director
The Mind Spa
June 2, 1998

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